Best Fuel Saving Tips

Best Fuel Saving Tips

If Your Driving Habits Is Good You Can Easily Save Fuel and Take Maximum Millage From Your Bikes  & Cars. You Don't Need To Change Your Bikes and Cars. So Lets start

  • Maintain Your Speed -  If you are a bike or car user you try to maintain your speed in highest gear. As Example, you go the 60kmph speed in 5th gear you try to maintain this speed and don't use sudden brakes or don't use the extra throttle in your bike. that give you best ever millage

  • Tyre Pressure - Tyre pressure is very important things. every month one time check your tyre pressure and tyre pressure keep as your bikes or car manual book. Please don't give extra tyre pressure.

  • Servicing - Servicing have a great role on fuel saving Time to time engine oil change and engine tuning give the best mileage.

  • Close the windows - If you are a car user when you driving Close the window when AC will on. If AC off you can open the window. This technic help you to take good millage. 
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