Ultimate Pre-Delivery Inspection Checklist

Pre-Delivery Inspection Checklist 

Are you want to buy a new bike. New Bike buying a dream for any biker. That's is a very exciting moment. So, This time your mistake is very Common. So, It is your must responsibility to your money gives a best possible value. If you want to worth your money don't depend your dealer try to create your own PDI list...

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  1. Firstly, Take the good amount of time for delivery, always try to delivery in morning as early as possible. Don't take delivery at night. 
  2. Before delivery call dealer and ask which model and which color bike you want its available or not, if available asked the dealer about the document, price, and EMI etc. 
  3. Always remember a good dealer always gives you 3 or 4 bikes as optional. Please make sure which dealer you buy he give you lot option in the same model.
  4. Check about Bike every part Check bike bodywork about dent, scratch or any damage. whatever the case stay away.
  5. Check Oddo meter reading if reading more than 5km don't accept this bike. Please make sure your motorcycle not used as test ride bike.

  6. Check to handle grip, Foot specs, and gear leaver if see some dust don't pick this bike or scooter. It would be a test ride bike.
  7. Engine oil is a most important in bikes. So, make sure that which bike you take have proper engine oil. if it had not engine oil tell the showroom people to top up it. 
  8. Check every leaver of bike or Scooty check front and rear brakes (Check brake fluid level), handling, check lights bottom, horn, engine kill switch etc. 
  9. Check bike radiator if your bike oil cool engine if had a radiator and check the radiator oil level.
  10. Check the bike tyre pressure when the bike came from the factory the air pressure is not properly distributed. so, tell the showroom people to check tyre pressure. give tyre pressure according to Bike manual book
  11. Before buying a brand new motorcycle ask the showroom how many petrol they give, always try to at least take 2 liters of fuel
  12. Collect bike Invoice, Insurance, a Manual book from the dealer ask about the smart card.
  13. At last before signing any paper please make sure your motorcycle is totally fine and our all point you check
Thank you... This is Souvik Signing off... If this Information is helpful Share your Friends...

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