Ford Freestyle Problems 2018

Ford Freestyle Problems 2018

FORD a huge name in the automobile industry. In India, It captures a great market share. Before some year ford changes his vision and came with Value for money product. Ford Is Specially known for great handling, ruff, and tuff build quality and awesome safety features. After the great success, ford Ecospotrs Ford launches a mid-size SUV  which Ford give a new name CUV (Compact Utility Vehicle).
If you search a car under  6lakh to 8 lakh Ford freestyle attracted you. its build quality, power, safety feature and look definitely gave you a shock. for Ford aggressive price point Ford Freestyle give better value its really call a value for money product. After using 3 weeks of Ford Freestyle, I keep many good points and keep some negative points. I think you always knew Ford Freestyle advantages and Pros. But no one tells you Negative point or cons of Ford Freestyle. Please Don't make me wrong I definitely know at this price point this is the best option but no car is perfect.

Ford Freestyle, Ford Freestyle Price
Ford Freestyle

Let's check Cons or Negative points

  • Firstly talk about some missing features. This car is a full feature loaded car but some important features missing here as Cruise control, Projector lamp, Daytime Running light(DRL), LED lights are not present in this car. In rear seat have not any hand rest, Bottle Holder and 12v charging socket are nothing present.

  • Lack of space in Rear Seat If you are a six feet tall guy you suddenly disappointed to this car. If your hight 5.7 feet or smaller than its rear seat will be comfortable for you. In the rear seat, the not adjustable headrest is a major con. Front seat comfort ness is no doubt good but rear seat not comfortable for tall guys.

  • Boot space is slightly smaller If you see Ford Freestyle boot space you see that the boot space is slightly deep but not wide or lengthy. That gives you some trouble much time.

  • Handing Ford is the legend in handling section. If you look Fcosport or Figo handing it quite better than freestyle this car handling is good but not as good as Ecosport or Figo.

  • Then talk about mileage. if you notice its petrol variant give millage  12 ti 13kmpl in city or 15 to 18 kmpl in highways. if you compare this millage to Tiago or s cross this bike millage definitely low.

  • Now talk about Noice and Vibration, This car engine definitely silent engine. engine noise not come is car bonnet. but in higher RPM engine noise come in the car and noise is not feel irritating and small vibration feeling dashboard. ford freestyle tyre noise definitely creates a problem sometimes. this noise always comes under the car 

  • Lastly, talk about build quality and fit and finish. In this price range build quality and fit and finish quite good. but I think it would be better. 

Lastly, I specially mention that Ford makes a great car a big thumbs-up for this. This is truly value for money car you definitely buy this car. Which problems I mention that's negligible for a normal consumer

Thank you... This Is souvik singing off...

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  1. for tyres you may upgrade to yokohama earth 1, it will generate vaery less noise, most of the customers of figo did that


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