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Hello Sir and Man,
                              I'm Souvik Host of this blog. In this, platform gets the update about bikes cars automobile tips and Guidance. I have a knowledge about cars and bikes which I share, around this blog. I think my honest opinions and experience with cars and bikes also help you very much. motoride.ooo will be a good intermediate between you and me. So, I created this blog motoride.ooo

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Hey guys, I am your host Souvik Dhar, from Kolkata.I'm a blogger. I always try to share my knowladge in English. I also try awarness about bkes and car. So, you can regularly visit our blog for all about automobile updates. If you have any doubt You can leave your comments I will definitely reply you. And you can also email me in souvikdhar8@gmail.com and our facebook page.

Thank you.
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